Your #1 App for requesting emergency services. This system address Gender Based Violence, Medical Emergencies, Police Service Request, Fire Fighter Request, Armed Guard request, Anonymous Tip-Off and Towing service request.

Our Services

Emergency Request Tracking

A facility enabling real-time emergency request tracking. GPS Location is used to track the requester. Manual location search can also be used where GPS is not possible.

Emergency Data Management

We manage emergency records in compliance with the POPIA Act. We ensure that only authorized organizations has access to only the data needed to act on an emergency request.

Emergency Services Consolidation

We consolidate emergency services into one easy to use application. We work together with multiple emergency organizations to deliver a seamless service to the community.

Anonymous Tip Handling

A facility that may be used by any person to report any unlawful or inappropriate behavior anonymously. Blow the whistle on crime and make the country a better place. No tracking and no login required to use this facility.

Real Time Navigation

This facility enables drivers of emergency vehicles to navigate to the requester in real time. The driver is able to see the location of the requester on the map.

Data Encryption

All data generated by the our system is stored in an encrypted form, providing state of the art data protection. Most importantly, we do not host our data on third-party servers.

Awesome Features

Emergency Service Request

An ability to request for assistance in case of emergency.

Request Tracking & Monitoring

An ability to monitor, track and manage your requests.


Designed to run anywhere. Also available on the web.

End-User Data Encryption

Your data is encrypted before sent to servers.

Anonymous Tip-Off

Blow the whistle on crime and make the country a better place. No tracking and no login required.

Manual Location Search

No GPS, No Problem. If your device does not support GPS, you can still pick your location manually.

Seamless Navigation

Using industry leading geographic maps, the driver won't get lost.

AES Encrypted Database

To keep your data safe, the database is encrypted with two stages of AES-256.



1st Response Emergency Group is a proudly African entity that strives to develop innovative technology solutions that enable the realization of organizational strategies. 1st Response was established to enhance the delivery of emergency services to the public, while ensuring reliability and cost-effectiveness in the industry. Our mission is to deliver ICT services to enable seamless emergency service delivery while ensuring privacy.

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